Club President:
      Cynthia Fitzgerald

      Mike Palma

      Matt Cote

     Safety Officer:
      Peter Eiche

     Chief Pilot:
      JR Bruning

     Chief Instructor:
      Chuck Waldo

     Board Members:
      Jim David
      Andy Kingswood
      Kathy Lockwood
      Jess Pauley
      Peter Stauble

Franconia Soaring Association
P.O. Box 956
Franconia, New Hampshire


Airport Address:
Franconia Airport
Rt.116, Franconia, NH
Manager: Franconia Soaring Assn.
Tel: (603) 823-5034

Telephone is usually answered 10am-6pm,
- sometimes we are busy with the planes
Friday-Sunday during soaring season.
as well as Mondays during holiday weekends

Airport Information For Visiting Pilots:

Always check the Airport Facility Directory and FSS for latest airport information, NOTAMS, and advisories. Visiting aircraft should be extra vigilant due to heavy glider operations and utilize 2-way radio communications at all times. Be advised that gliders use a left hand pattern for 36 and left hand pattern for 18. Power traffic should stay east of the airport and uses a left hand pattern for 18 and right hand pattern for 36. Gliders have the right away over power aircraft. Power traffic should avoid flying over populated areas on the west side of the airport. All power traffic must follow standard 45 degree pattern entry procedures and are urged to enter and depart traffic pattern on the east side of the airport. Please announce all pattern turns on radio if able. Please be aware that staged gliders and ground personal may be on the runway and therefore please allow a safe distance when landing. It is highly recommended that visiting pilots be current with soft and short field landing and takeoff technique. Please contact the flight shack on 122.8 for tie-down area instructions after landing. Before run-up, please make sure that the prop wash is not pointed at ground personal or aircraft on the ground. If departing to the North, please fly the runway heading until over downtown Franconia before initiating a turn.

Franconia Airport (K1B5), 970' MSL
N44*11.75' W71*44.97'
CTAF/Unicom 122.8
Runway 18/36: 2305'x150' (Turf)
Runway 18: Left traffic pattern.
Runway 36: Right traffic pattern.
Bangor FSS 1-800-WX-BRIEF

No fuel available.

Airport Manager: Jim David